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Gold digger open-air museum

Gold digger open-air museum
To the complex
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The entrance fee includes two guided tours:
Mining settlement and Zlatorudné mlýny. Each tour lasts about 30 minutes. The distance between the sightseeing places is 400 m.
Due to the time required, it is necessary to take into account that the last inspections will take place about an hour before closing time.

GPS: 50.2513469N, 17.3668794E

Gold digger open-air museum

Admission to the open-air museum:
adults – 100 CZK
children from 6 to 15 years – 50 CZK
children up to 6 years – free

Checkout main log cabin:
Telephone number: +420 588 884 618

May-June | Mon-Sun | 10: 00-17: 00
July-August | Mon-Sun | 10: 00-18: 00
September | Tue-Sun | 10: 00-17: 00
October | Tue-Sun | 10: 00-16: 00
other months CLOSED!

The last tour is 30 min. before
closing time.

Part of the Zlatorudny tour
mills is also panning.

Upon agreement, group can be ordered
tours outside the opening hours.

Zlatokopecký open-air museum
Valley of the Lost Tunnels
79376 Zlate Hory (Ondrejovice)
possible payment by card:

Replicas of medieval mining mills with a nature trail. You will be shown the crushing of gold ore in two log cabins, and with a little luck you can take a piece of gold home.
Both wooden machines, made according to period drawings, are driven by water wheels, which draw energy from the original canal.


Gold ore mills
Replica of water-powered medieval mining mills made according to the period
drawings. The original medieval water drive was mainly used to melt the slope above the right
the shore of Olešnice, where gold-bearing sediments were mined in this way. Locals lead to these places
educational trail, which on the one hand marks the place where „water flows uphill“ and on the other hand informs
about the geology of the locality or the local nature.

Smelting furnace
Ore processing technology. The furnace building consists of an outdoor covered part – a smelter and an indoor working
halls with hand-operated bellows.

Competition clauses for panning for gold.

Mining settlement
It is a replica of a wooden mining log cabin, which is presented in the outdoor and residential part.
The mining settlement was a closed fortified complex in the Middle Ages, where it was processed
mined ore and where the miners lived a normal life. The bell tower is an inseparable part of the building. The
symbolizes the „beer bell,“ which he introduced for local miners through the new mining law
in 1524 Bishop James of Salza. A wooden replica stands on the access road to the mining settlement
watchtower that is accessible and serves as a lookout. In the immediate vicinity of the mining settlement is located
racetrack with competition clauses. These spaces are used in the annual panning competitions
gold on the traveling basin of the mayor. The tradition of panning for gold was established in Zlaté Hory
1993. The top competition was the World Championships in this discipline in 2010.

Smelting furnace
The functional replica of the melting furnace is situated in the southern part of the Zlatopopec open-air museum below Zlatorudné
mills. The building consists of two parts. The outer covered part is a smelter and the inner part has a working room
hall with bellows and warehouse. The bellows are made of leather and wooden elements. They blew with human force
These bellows air into the melting furnace. The warehouses were mostly used for laying charcoal
in the furnace. Crushed ore was transported from the mills to the melting furnace for heat treatment
and used chemical processes to separate inorganic substances from gold.

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